Thursday, January 17, 2013

NALC News for January, 2013

Here's what you can read in the NALC News for January, 2013:

+ God works through dogs to comfort returning Sandy Hook students. 

+ Congregations consider whether to ratify proposal for NALC to join LWF. 

+ Training church leaders in Ethiopia.

+ Pittsburgh hotel to host Convocations.

+ Theological conference to feature Carl Braaten and Robert Jensen.  

+ Reflections on Epiphany by Bishop Bradosky. 

+ Texas congregation partners with synod of Ethiopian church.

+ Stewardship for Mission Grants. 

+ Two events this summer for youth. 

+ Webinar to introduce proposed NALC Employee Handbook for Congregations.  

+ Santa Barbara, California worship community. 

+ The Athanasian Creed - Words on Worship by Pastor Michael G. Tavella.  

+ Revisiting the 'Facts on Growth' study - In Pursuit of the Great Commission by Pastor Don Brandt. 

This document will also be available in the Narthex on Saturday and Sunday. See you in church!