Friday, November 2, 2012

NALC Disaster Response - Hurricane Sandy

The North American Lutheran Church is assisting in the response to
Hurricane Sandy which hit the eastern United States this week.

Volunteer Reception Centers are opening on the East Coast. Most
urgent needs for volunteers are for debris removal and distribution of
food, water, blankets.

In West Virginia, roofs of homes are collapsing under the weight of 4
feet of snow. Volunteers are needed to help shovel snow off of the roofs
of homes.

Three counties in Ohio are impacted by Hurricane Sandy. More than
125,000 households are still without power and one Red Cross shelter
is open, providing housing and meals to families.

A 48-foot semi trailer is being loaded in Ohio with blankets, nonperishable food,
water, hygiene kits, school supplies, cleaning supplies and flood buckets.
The most requested items are gift cards from discount stores such as Walmart or Target.
The truck will be sent to the Church World Service warehouse in New York City
which is coordinating distribution in the area. Donations to fill the truck may be
brought or sent to Mary Woodward at the Disaster Warehouse, 810 Main Street,
Caldwell, OH 43724 for the next 30 days.

Monetary gifts to support disaster relief efforts may be given online
at or sent to NALC Disaster Response, 2299
Palmer Drive, Suite 220; New Brighton, MN 55112-2202.

Volunteers may contact Disaster Coordinator Mary Woodward directly
at 740-509-1132 or